Category: Technology

VIA 2019 subsidy for WaterWin

The consortium of Solaq B.V. and Sustainable Eyes B.V. has received an innovation subsidy for the further development of the WaterWin technology. In the next 15 months the consortium will perform R&D activities and design, build and test an integrated prototype of the system that will be able to produce 100 liters of drinking water

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Feasibility study in Egypt

Sustainable Eyes and Solaq are happy to announce that they have been awarded a grant for a feasibility study regarding the WaterWin technology in Egypt. From January until July (2020) we will thoroughly perform a study regarding techno-economical and legal feasibility, further develop partnering opportunities and perform market research for our technology in Egypt. Based

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Finishing project

Currently the consortium of Solaq B.V. and Sustainable Eyes B.V. is finishing off and documenting their joint-project in the development of the individual subcomponents of the WaterWin technology. In the past 14 months the project has resulted in successfull conclusions regarding the subcomponent development, their practical production in relevant scenario’s and the theoretical validation based

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