Development of computer models to calculate or optimise technological parameters and performance is crucial to modern innovation. By creating (dynamic) models it is possible to test different geometries or scales of a system without having to manufacture costly prototypes. These models can be designed for simple applications such as product design or for more industrial applications in which technological performance or cost effectiveness is often optimised.


With a broad engineering background, our consultants can offer solutions to most engineering problems in any part of the development process. Whether preliminary calculations or technological feasibility studies need to be made, or if help is needed in prototype testing and optimisation. Sustainable Eyes can help throughout the entire development process.


Sustainable Eyes has a good track record in securing public funding for innovative projects. We can help you build a strong case and write a good application for sustainable technologies searching for funding. Partnerships in innovation are always welcome, please feel free to contact.


Sustainable Eyes can help in any part of the product development process. From 3D modeling and CAD design to prototyping and strategic design, plenty of experience is on-hand to offer solutions.


With lots of experience diving into different sustainable technologies we have seen many types of business models and can assist in techno-economic research in the development of business models.