Sustainable Eyes is developing a plant pot, that never has to be watered! A project partly subsidised by the province of Noord Holland in the Netherlands. Currently looking for partners.

More info coming.


Drinking water from the air using solar energy. A collaboration with Solaq B.V., subsidized in part by the European Union.

TinyTim House

Tiny TIM is a 100% sustainable ‘Tiny house’ in which drinking water, thermal and electrical energy supply and toilet/shower water are all supplied by integrated renewable sources. The houses can be used all year and completely off-grid.

Island Sustainability

In the light of Indonesia’s ambitious targets to drastically reduce CO2 emissions and to increase the domestic use of renewable energy, a feasibility study was performed on the implementation of sustainable energy technologies on small islands in Indonesia. The study was executed by a collaboration between University of Twente, TU Delft and the Raja Ampat Research and Conservation Centre (RARCC).

Savonius Wind Turbine Optimization

Wind turbine fluid dynamic performance optimization for a new application. More information coming.

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