SOLAq’s WaterWin

In its WaterWin system, SOLAq applies expertise in solar energy and radiation cooling by combining these technologies into solar driven Atmospheric Water Generation systems, applicable in almost every corner of the world, incl. dry rain scarce desert like areas. The water production process operates on a 24/7 basis and comprises three phases that include:

– extraction of water vapor from the atmosphere by binding it to a hygroscopic material
– harvesting cold by means of night-sky cooling and storage of this cold
– distillation of water from the material using solar heat and earlier harvested cold

The speed of the processes is enhanced using special techniques to increase the interaction area between the hygroscopic material and the air.

Project status In the last year the last R&D of the system subcomponents and tests have been performed at different conditions and for the different operational situations at Solaq’s laboratory in Groningen. Outdoor testing of the solar heating and radiation cooling components were carried out at the Heliopolis University in Cairo, Egypt. Consequently a dynamic computer model has been validated in order to be able to sufficiently translate the current prototype into larger systems at relevant locations.

The next, and final, step before commercialisation, is to develop an integrated prototype to be demonstrated at a relevant location. Currently SOLAq is searching for partners and locations for the demonstration project. The possibilities for collaboration are widespread as the difference in possible application for the WaterWin is large. From combinations with greenhouses to crisis-relief situations to large-scale industrial water supply and to more remote small-scale primary drinking water supply. The possibilities are vast due to the completely off-grid setup of the WaterWin.

First working integrated prototype for the WaterWin, 2015-2016.

Destillation unit prototype at the Water Applicatie Centrum in Leeuwarden, 2019.